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Iron-Base Aloy Casting

Iron-Base Aloy Casting


Nickel-Base Alloy Casting

Nickel-based alloy with a good high temperature strength and good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of some such.The main products are: cast nickelalloy rods,nickel-based aloy posder, nickel-based alloy casting.

Iron-Base Aloy Casting

Trademark HRC Nominal Chemical Composition(wt%) Application Rererce Sandard
C Cr Si W Ni Fe Mn Mo co B
CAG-Fe90 50-55 2.5 27 1.4     Bal 1.2 ≤0.50     relieved teeth,pump sleeve  
CAG Fe94 56-60 3.2 30 1.7   3 Bal 1.5 ≤0.50   0.8 excelent wear-resistance,secavator,cracker roler,etc  


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