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Resistant alloy

Resistant alloy


About abrasive wear

Abrasive wear is one of the important form of mechanical equpment falre. Itis he suface wear of the mechanical parts due o arelatvely hard abrasive grains and lead to oss of weight/volume,and finalyresutin equipment damage. Abrasive weargeneralperformance of the two forms:oneis siding fictonwer sldingfrction of the hard abrasive grains on the workpiece surface and thuslead to oss of weight/volume, Its feature is abrasive tself on the metal suface n the drecton of pressure is very small Typcal plications such as ron and steel bulding materials machinery industry feeding trough,fan blades. Another is chiseling wear, performance for the hard abrasive grains in the cut suface of the workpiece under the actionofacertandirection pressure to the moble. The abrasive particles embeddedin the surface of the workpiece,chipping lead to some of the weight/volume loss.Typical, such as al knds of roken machinery,power plants-speed mil,vertical mllof cement plant squeeze rolers, screw spreader and so on.


Resistant alloy

Currenly,economical and efcient abrasve wear-restance aly is the most impotant high-chromium cast ron aloy. This seres aloy is characterized by ntensive growth and chunks of a solid piece of metal matrx primary carbides(M7C3).Usualy these carbides microhardness is HV200 about,or even hgher, they are the supportof th metal substrale,resistant to wearofthe hard abrasive grains.

Relative to swipe wear, chiping wear generaton mechanism is more complex. Wear resistant phase of wear-resstant aloy surface microstructure damage due to the the abrasive pressure caused the fragmentation saling are impotn faclors thatlead to macro-wear. Typical pplications such as pover plants coalgrinding roler,there is a certain percentage of mpurties such as pyrte or quarizin coal. Wear medium cut in wear-resistant aly under the action, and lateral squeeze to cut metal.In this case,if the substrate is oo soft Itis easy to be abrasive chiing, therebyaffecting the overall ear effect;Second,the lrge prmary carbides tself wth ower strength,is easly broken under stress conditions,cause micropeeing.Hard carbide s a two-part complementary relative to the matrnx,plays an mportant role against abrasive wear.Therefore,by thealoy design and the surfacingprocess adjustments,make the surfacng aloys withunfoml, fine grain carbide phase,and the hard phase of a fine grain carbide, and around the wrapped in a sold matrx. That is the key to improve the service life of mechanical components.On this basis,we have developed a variety of complex carbide hardfacing allys.Addedin some other elements such as Mo, V,W, Nb and Tion the basis of the conventional high chromium cast ron aloy.Onthe one hand,these elements are involvedin the formation of prmary carbides Cr/Cor form their own carbide to improve wear resistance and high temperature stablit; at the same time these allyingelementsrefine the alloy gran,and strengthen the matrx,enhances the overallstrength of surfacing aly,improved alyabrasive performance.

Product introduction

Tubular Wire HRC Nominal Chemical Composition(wt%) Application
C Cr Si Mo Mn Fe Ni AI other
SME 8103-o 58 5.6 27 0.9   1.8 Bal      

Chromium carbide and complex carbide wear resistant cast ron alloy, sutable for low-stress abrasive wear conditions,such as wear-resistant liner,screw conveyor,power plant of medium speed mill, vertical milof cement plant and so on.

Tic strengthen wear-resistant alloy, superior performance of the impact resistance.
Nbc strengthen wear-resistant ally, superior performance of the high temperature wear

SME 8100HD-o 60 6 29 1.3   0.4 Bal      
SME 8100HC-o 60 5.5 27 1 1.3 1.9 Bal      
SME 8150-o 58 2 7   2 1 Bal V:0.20   Ti:7.00
SME 8943-o 60 6.1 23 0.5   1 Bal     Nb:6.00
SME 8945-o 60 5 21.5 0.7 4.5 0.7 Bal W:2.00   Nb:7.00
SME Ni-Mang-o Cold hard 0.85 3 0.5   14 Bal 3    
SME Sat-Mang-o Cold hard 0.1 10 0.5 0.8 15.5 Bal 0.85    
SME 892G 54 3 30 1.4 0.6 0.8 Bal      
SME 893G 44 2 28 1 1.1 1.1 Bal      
SME 11-o 50 3.2 14.5 0.9 0.45 1.4 Bal      
SME 94-o 57 3.2 24.5 0.7   0.8 Bal 2.8    
SME 117-o 43 2.3 10.5 1.3 1.5 1.5 Bal Zr:0.40   Cu:0.40
SME 90G 48 2.4 24   0.9 0.9 Bal      
SME 94G 52 3 28   1.2 1.2 Bal B:0.80    
SME 165 62 6.8 30 0.5 0.5 0.5 Bal W:4.20   Nb:2.60


Tubular Wire HRC Nominal Chemical Composition(wt%) Application
SME 60A-91 A-91 60% tungsten carbide,the otheris steel pipe, A-91 for the hardness of tungsten carbide particles Fan mixer blades,mining, construction wearing parts

My company provides the diameter of 1.6mm high chromium cast iron, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding wire,ally content of ≥40%iron-base,nickel-base, cobalt-base,stainless steel and other materials.Wire uniquefrmula,the high depositedrate,no spater, molding good,excellent weld quality. Using the advanced open arc welding technology, without preheating before welding, without het tratment after welding, the processis simple, reduce repair costs. It is widely used in electricity,cement, seel,mining. petroleum,chemical,railway, valves, sugar refining, shipbuilding and other industries.


Advanlages of carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding:

1.smal deformatio after welding, angular dstortion was 5‰ roughness was 3‰ only.

2.small spatte,can reduce the weldng spattr,whileusing ulra low carbon aloy weling wire and fluxcoredwire,oraddton ofAr into Co2

3.low cost of welding,the cost of only 40-50% of the submerged arc welding and manual arc welding.

4.high productioeficincy, the producto effciency is 1-4 times of manual metal arc welding.

5.the operation is simple,open arc,the thicknessof the work is notlimitedto all-postion welding and can be welded down. 6,high crack rsistance of weld,hydrogen content and nitrogen content of the weld less.

ubular Wire HRC Nominal Chemical Composition(wt%) Application
C Cr Si Mo Mn Fe Ni AI other
SME-10 58 5.6 25 0.9   0.6 Bal       Chromium carbide and complex carbide wear resistant cast iron alloy,suitable for low-stress abrasive wear conditions,such as wear-resistant liner, screw conveyor,power plant in speed mill vertical mill, cement plant and so on.
SME-20 60 5.5 25 1 1.3 0.8 Bal      
SME-30 60 5.5 23 0.5   1 Bal     Nb:6.00
SME-40 Cold hard 0.1 10 0.5 0.8 15.5 Bal 0.85    
SME-50 60 5 21.5 0.7 4.5 0.7 Bal W:2.00   Nb:7.00

Filaments:should ste surtacing qualty power plant grinding rollers,and other wear parts repar,as wellas pre-protection wre surfacing resistant to strong abrasve wear workpiece.

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