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Shanghai Smile Special Alloy Materials Company is a professional manufacturer of solder alloy powder alloy casting rods, alloy castings, and welding electrodes and other hard surface material and plasma welding equipment specializing in the production of enterprises. The products are widely used in high—temperature, corrosion—resistant, resistant to abrasion, impact and other harsh conditions.

The company has a number of professional and technical researchers, has a wealth of experience in the development of materials, applications, and can provide customers with the most comprehensive technical advice and the highest quality on—site service. The professional tube wire production lines, to provide users With a diameter of 1 .2mm—5.0mm, alloy content 50% of the iron—based materials such as tungsten carbide, stainless steel, can be used for tubular welding Wire and welding rod for submerged arc welding, open arc welding, gas metal arc welding, wire arc spraying, oxygen — acetylene. Can be used in wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature occasions, such as metallurgy, mining, electricity, machinery. The companies supporting the continuous casting production lines, milling production line system, vacuum melting, welding equipment and other excellent equipment, scientific quality detection means.

"The customer is a source of wealth; service is the bass condition for the survival ; Innovation IS the development of the road" ——this is the purpose of my company and the spirit of enterprise. "Customer satisfaction; survival QOS; continued to Improve and promote development ' -—thls IS the quality policy of the company, my company all employees worked for the goal. ISO—9001 and strict management system to ensure the stability of the product and the company to be sustained, high-speed development of a competitive market.


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